Who we are

nynkeThere is enough experience in the team STWC.eu, which organizes the successful DriversDays for years. Dirk Dekker threw himself in 2004 at the open-pit-lane concept and soon received enthusiastic support from Nynke de Vries, who was already driving for some years. “The love for car has  always been in me. On my thirtieth I bought a Porsche 911, but the Car contained so much more than I could use, so I decided to follow a race course.” With her license in the pocket Nynke went regularly to the Eifel in order to restrain the Nurburgring and enrolled for the BMW E30 Cup in DNRT, the foundation where she races till this day. Now she is driving in the Sport Class. Dirk is driving, for a few years, in the Supersport class. His fist contact with a race car was with an E30. I got these from a friend to let it out once at the Circuit of Zandvoort. The taste was lovely, so I went on for my racing license. And there was my comrade at my door with his BMW: I was allowed to buy his car. Then the trouble really started, because already at the first race the engine died. ”

bmw_e46_10Their mission off STWC.eu is clear. Dirk Dekker: “We want to organize races for a group of people with some faster cars and create an environment for them in which they can grow. Because of the speed of there cars and the experience this drives love to drive on A Events. In addition, we are committed to creating a sense of belonging. During the races we want fanatically competition against each other. Ater the races we would like to drink a beer together and exchange experiences. As an organization, we bring people together to do something for the other. For example by lending car part to each other. We have to do it all together, therefore we ask riders active about their ideas and  their opinion.” Nynke de Vries.” We provide clear communication, let participants know what they can expect from us and vice versa. Technical security and a sporty race mentality comes first, therefore we have solid regulations, we leave nothing to chance. We organize from our passion for racing STWC.eu. We hope that more and more people discover how incredibly cool car racing is, so ‘Let’s make history. “