STWC finals races Zandvoort

Exciting championship ends in climax

After the races at Circuit Zolder, a full start field returned to Circuit Zandvoort for the finals races. Race 9 and 10 were held in front of an enthusiastic crowd that could enjoy sun and beautiful race series once more. The STWC presented them with exciting contests in which, up to the end, championship points in different classes were fought.

“Now that the season has ended, I’m sure that our philosophy is right,” organizer Dirk Dekker says afterwards. “Despite having sent my own car to our pit box early due to technical problems, I enjoyed the battles that took place on the track as a racing enthusiast. It was really something. Not just winning a race, but in three of our classes the championship was determined during these finals races “says Dekker.

Thus the championship fight between Zlatko Bralic and Olivier Naaktgeboren was decided in the very last rounds. Despite the fact that Zlatko had set a faster lap time in race 2, Olivier managed to overtake him after an exciting game, but he got a few points too short to also win the championship, to the satisfaction of Zlatko Bralic. Both gentlemen enjoyed at least as close to racing as the public. The speaker even admitted that this was more interesting than the GT4 race for which most had come to Zandvoort.

Impressively, they also found the car with which Henk Thuis drove. His super-fast Pumaxs RT drove stunning lap times with fastest 1: 43.8. Only slightly faster than the winning team Koopman-Arendsen who were only 1 second slower with their BMW Z4 GT3. Home thanked afterwards for the sportiness among the riders present, despite the fact that on Saturday he failed with a technical problem and the victory passed by. “I enjoyed the races and the atmosphere,” said the experienced rot. Sometimes fun is more important than winning.

Nynke de Vries: “It was great that during the award ceremony on Sunday evening all champions could be put in the limelight. Because winning races is fun, but writing a championship on your name is something new for most “. She continues: “Alexander Grijpma has taken the championship in the division 1 with his BMW Compact GTR. The champion of division 2, Jacob van Outenaar drove BMW, but in an E36 M3 and performed better in terms of lap times than the rest and was also constant. Very well done “.

Spectators were impressed by the climax in Division 3: “The Division 3 champion has become Zlatko Bralic after a nice fight with only 4 points difference compared to the combative and at least as fanatical Olivier Naaktgeboren. An unprecedented performance of both gentlemen in a very competitive field “. Not every driver could keep the tension until the last. “The Division 4 championship was won on Saturday by the Danish Henrik Hoeffner in his Porsche 997 Cup. Eric van den Munckhof made it difficult for Hoeffner this weekend with the spectacular Z4 GTR “according to the organizer.

The STWC promises that the battle in 2019 will only become more fierce in this class and that also applies to Division 5, where the Belgian Koen de Wit turned out to be the best this year, although some competitors were not present every race weekend. De Wit set the last race with his BMW M4 GT4 as overall winner. A nice ending to a great racing season with the Super Touring Car Cup, powered by Dunlop.